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Remote Pharmacy Staffing (RPS) is a licensed pharmacy dedicated to provide cost effective high quality Pharmaceutical services to hospitals. RPS focuses on providing low-cost after hours pharmacy service to enhance medication safety and meet JCAHO standards.

Providing around the clock pharmacy service to enhance medication safety and comply with JCAHO standards has become a big challenge for smaller hospitals with limited budgets. This problem is compounded by the skyrocketing cost of recruiting and maintaining qualified Pharmacists.

RPS delivers high quality pharmacy services at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing. Using modern communications tools, RPS will provide a team of dedicated Pharmacists for medication order review and processing. This will satisfy JCAHO standard of having each medication order reviewed by a pharmacist prior to nurse administration. Your pharmacy resources will be fortified allowing your hospital to maintain a high level of Pharmacy service 24 hours a day. Our service will also increase the productivity of your in-coming morning pharmacy staff. Your staff will begin the day with current work, not the previous nights work. Thus, your pharmacy staff will be able to devote more time to perform other critical duties. Also, our pharmacists will be available to answer any medication related questions.

  1. Economical opportunity to meet JCAHO standards
  2. Helps eliminate medication errors
  3. A dedicated Pharmacist available 24 hours a day to answer medication questions.
  4. A fraction of the cost of traditional staffing
  5. Increases productivity of in-coming Pharmacy staff
  6. Provides opportunity to optimize staffing schedules
  7. Decreases the need for nursing over-rides in automated dispensing machines.
  8. Allows more time for Pharmacy staff to perform clinical activities
  9. Innovative way to provide 24 hour pharmacy service
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